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Prayer and Praise


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I’m New

We welcome you to the Ebenezer United Methodist Church Family!! It is a privilege to have you as a member moving to become a disciple of Christ. Our prayer is that you will find your experience here one of fruitfulness, and spiritual fulfillment in the Kingdom of Jesus the Christ.

There are many different ministries for you to function in. As you matriculate through our membership process, you will discover what GOD has designed you for. This will give you an indication of the ministry that you should participate in. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into a fresh and fragrant relationship with GOD through your discipleship, evangelism efforts, fellowship, Worship, and service to the kingdom.

We are GLAD you are here!!

God bless you, and remember: GOD is Good, All the Time, and All the Time GOD is Good!!

We expect you to go through the following- The new member's orientation, attend Bible Study, and become a member of one of our teams.